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Fellowship. Music. Ministry.

This is...

Faith Rocks

June 21 - 23


Faith Rocks

A beautiful venue that motivates attendees through a series of activities, music & speakers

You have to be at Faith Rocks this year. We have so many awesome things in store. Find everything you need below to assure you have a spot at this year's event and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us! Faith Rocks is a 3 day retreat for 2024, for faith based youth groups that are seeking a venue where they can commune with fellow believers and God in a beautiful setting. While camping in the Sycamore Springs Park, just outside English, IN, we will teach, challenge and motivate attendees through a series of activities, music, speakers and reflective fellowship. Participants will share with their own group, the collective group and share with the camp where we are staying by giving part of themselves through work groups.

What People are Saying...

"Every year is full of different surprises and fun ways to help you reconnect with God..."

"Faith Rocks has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my Christian walk. God's presence and power is always directing our steps. He guides our every move for his glory. May I always magnify and give him honor and praise. Faith Rocks opens your eyes through its speakers, music, group sessions and worship. If one will humble themselves before Christ, there is nothing that can't be fixed and accomplished. My prayer for Faith Rocks is come with an open heart and mind and let miracles begin in your life. Christ is your sanctuary and salvation. No one comes to the Father except through Christ. My love and prayers always."
Tina Benham
"Absolutely the best experience of my life! Every year is full of different surprises and fun ways to help you reconnect with God and to help you make new friends! I cannot wait for next year to come around so I can meet new friends and strengthen my relationship with God alongside my fellow Faith Rockers!! Oh and another thing the food is GREAT, so that's a huge plus too!! Hope to see you next year!"
Jescee Shelton
"A weekend of fun and worship encouraging our growth in Christ. Loved the water games on this hot and humid weekend. The food and the people are the best. Thanks Rodney!"
Mark Woods
"I have been attending Faith Rocks for the past 5 years and I have loved every single year of it. It is such a great environment to come and grow in your faith with worship and listening to speakers testimonies as well as make friends while doing it. As soon as I leave on the last day, I am always ready for the next year to see what God has in store for the years to come"
Kaleb Webster
"This was my second year back at Faith Rocks. It was an amazing experience and even better than the first year I came. I made so many new friends and became even more closer to God and I am very grateful for that. All the amazing experiences I had this year meant so much to me. I really can't wait Togo back next year an worship God some more and make even more New friends."
Kayla Burgin
"I've been 2 years now and plan to keep going. It was an amazing experience and every one was really nice and cared about everyone else. I would definitely recommend any one that can go should. I'm trying to get my friends to go with me."
Chase Fetz