Hush Harbor


TunnelVision is a Contemporary Christian band from Owensboro, KY. Formed in 2007, TunnelVision's purpose is to share the love and grace of God by using high energy and worshipful lyrics to reach saints and sinners alike to show them a God that is AMAZING!
TunnelVision is made up of members- Tommy Wedding, Jennifer Hamlet, Hammer Hamlet, Mike Ford, and Gilbert "Gibby" Felty. The name "TunnelVision" comes from the story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus in Matthew long as Peter kept his focus on Jesus, he was able to do something miraculous- but, when he focused on the wind and waves, he sank! We, too, must keep our focus on Jesus... and, in doing so, can experience the miraculous power of God- but, when we focus on the troubles of this world, we will sink! They try to remind people to stay "One-focused." 
TunnelVision has performed at churches, festivals, retreats, camps, and benefits all over Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida.