"Teaching with activities, music, speakers and reflective fellowship..."

Faith Rocks Dates

Faith Rocks is a 3 day retreat (1 day event for 2020) for faith based youth groups that are seeking a venue where they can commune with fellow believers and God in a beautiful setting. While camping in the Sycamore Springs Park, just outside English, IN, we will teach, challenge and motivate attendees through a series of activities, music, speakers and reflective fellowship. Participants will share with their own group, the collective group and share with the camp where we are staying by giving part of themselves through work groups.

Faith Rocks is sponsored by donations given to Faith of a Mustard Seed Ministry. If you, or your church would like to help with this event, please see the Sponsorship page or Contact us about how you can help at our next event.

Sponsored by your donations to...
Faith of a Mustard Seed Ministry